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You can use either “Nice talking with you” or “Nice talking to you” in your conversations. The preposition with has more of a meaning that two people were. “Nice to talk to you” is a polite phrase we can use to end a conversation. We can add it to the end of a conversation when we need to leave. The best way to perfect your writing. More than , users count on TextRanch to get their English corrected! Check your entire sentence for FREE! There could be many ways and it depends on the speaker. However, I always reply this way. Thank you. Same here. Or Thank you. Nice talking. Nice to talk to could mean You are nice to speak with, while Nice to talk too could mean I also find it nice to talk. In the case of You are nice to talk. @haimitrn And which one should I use in a formal letter for example when I've had a chat conversation before with the person. bitpicker, how is it possible to say these sentences in a different way? I just try to understand what function infinitive has in the second. Me: I assure you, the pleasure was all mine (shake hands). A special one for the ladies: Her: It was nice to meet you! Me. (it's been) nice talking to you. I'm glad I talked to you; that was a good conversation. A polite phrase used when leaving a person with whom one had just. When do we use “It's nice to talk to you?” Is it just a way of saying that the hearer is nice to talk to or can it also be used when we have.


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