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Mind's eye definition is - the mental faculty of conceiving imaginary or recollected scenes; also: the mental picture so conceived. How to use mind's eye. Why am I different? How do I navigate life without a mind's eye? Could I ever train my mind to see – and would I want to? Advertisement. What Does it Mean to 'See With the Mind's Eye?' · 1. Brilliant, distinct, never blotchy. · 2. Quite comparable to the real object. · 3. In some. Adam Zeman didn't give much thought to the mind's eye until he met someone who didn't have one. In , the British neurologist saw a patient. When the Mind's Eye Is Blind · An Unusual Blindness. Zeman and his colleagues began their analysis by testing MX's visual imagination in several. The phrase mind's eye refers to the human ability for visualization. Mind's eye may also refer to: Contents. 1 Film, television and radio. The finding that mental imagery is associated with activity in primary visual cortex has important implications for sensory processing in the brain. Previous. I have aphantasia, a neurological condition that leaves me with a 'blind mind's eye': the inability to mentally visualise my thoughts. "mind's. eye," which, while they. may. faith-. fully. reflect ones experience. of. doing. the. task,. are. inadequate. as. primitive constructs since. After a patient lost his ability to conjure images in his mind, a phenomenon commonly referred to as having a "mind's eye," following heart.


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